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In these troubled times, with cost of living pressures a fact of life, any or all opportunities to reduce costs and save a little money should be taken.

With that in mind G-tabs was formed in 2015 to address this very global problem. We at G-tabs feel honoured to offer this outstanding range of Green Fuel Tab products to all our customers.

G-tabs offer a fuel additive in a dry tablet form which is simply put into your fuel tank and the benefits are immediately realised:

  • Up to 20% better fuel economy
  • Greater engine performance
  • Less engine wear and tear therefore less cost to service your vehicle

Environment and conservation are issues that go to the heart of our consciousness and we at G-tabs are proud to promote products which address these very issues; in particular the reduction of vehicle Carbon emissions:

  • A carbon reduction of up to 70% from your vehicle, addresses your personal commitment to the environment and to your health and well-being.

G-tabs are available in various sizes for your vehicle, truck, and motor bikes. Marine applications for pleasure craft and large shipping are also available. In fact, any engine that runs on petrol or diesel fuels can benefit from the use of G-Tabs.

These products are now available, so to register your interest, please contact the person who introduced you to our company. To make a difference to your wallet and help protect our global environment take action now!

G-tabs…..Your motor will run “Cheaper Cleaner & Faster”


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