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Mr. Tony Gunning, CEO

portfolioAfter 33 Years in Financial Development Markets building teams to service specialized needs in Commercial and Residential Finance I gained a unique insight into developing programmes to suit the needs of most economies.

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"I have been using G-Tabs in both my SUV and my mid size sedan for about a year. My SUV has gotten an 18% mileage improvement, and definitely feels a power improvement, especially since it is a bit older and now runs a lot smoother. It also just passed its smog test and its emissions have dropped off to almost nothing. "
- L.L. - Anaheim, CA

"Thanks for the G-Tabs. I put one into my Toyota Prius for the 400 mile drive I had back to Marin and received a 12% added mileage boost. On the trip South to Pasadena I averaged 40.2 MPG. After using the Green Fuel Tabs on the return trip I averaged 45 MPG. Thanks - Green Fuel Tabs really work! "
- Tom Faust- Redwood Renewables
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